Ibrahim Tanko explains why it’s difficult to convince players to stay in Ghana

Ibrahim Tanko, the technical director of Accra Lions has expressed worry about the rate at which players depart the shores of the country every football season.

Player exodus has been a headache for Ghana football in general and finding an end to it has been difficult.

Most players who turn out to perform well join other clubs on the continent or move to Europe for greener pastures.

In an interview, the former Ghana assistant gaffer expressed worry about the rampant departure of players from the Ghanaian top-flight.

“After every season our best players leave. “You can cite Lomotey, Diawisie Taylor, Okrah and Annor. It’s difficult to convince them to stay because we can’t pay them well” he said.

The Ghana Premier League has suffered player exodus in the just ended season following the departure of Augustine Okrah, Yaw Annor, James Akaminko and others.